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Toshiba 32LF221U21 Review


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The Toshiba 32LF221U21 (2020 version ) affirms that Amazon Fire TV system may be put right on almost any TV, with no necessity for another media streamer. Amazon lasted its Fire TV push using a new spouse in 2018. Should you will need the most recent version with Fire TV built in, Toshiba is currently you go-to version, using all the Toshiba Fire TV Edition. The panels can be found in different in various dimensions — Toshiba 32LF221U19 (32-inch — HD) along with also the Toshiba 43LF621U21 (43-inch — 1080p).

All of TVs within this show are much less costly than the Element/Westinghouse Fire TV Edition, and also the 55-inch version currently supports large dynamic range (HDR). The Toshiba 32-inch TV we are analyzing is the most economical in this collection, it is practical, but also the 720p resolution prevents it from becoming almost as powerful a recommendation because our Editors’ Choice for funding TVs, the 32-inch 1080p TCL 32S327 Roku Smart TV.


The Toshiba 32-inch TV appears simple, unlike the expensive competitors, and therefore do its bigger sisters, using a minimalist glistening plastic bezel around the display measuring 0.7 inches wide to the top and sides, and 1.3 inches over the base border. There is an infrared receiver for the remote to the lower rear corner, using a Toshiba emblem in the middle of the bottom bezel. It stands two toes which are equally nondescript, only glistening plastic toes extending from the base of the panel for an obtuse angle.

However, to get a funding TV, the design will be still very practical, and like nearly all respect TVs, it will not wow online style. Round the back, you will find just three HDMI input, a USB jack, and also an optical audio output signal that sit nearly a foot in the left border, facing left.

Other people incorporate an Ethernet jack, antenna/cable jack, along with an RCA composite video input which face down, but at precisely exactly the exact identical site. That is about exactly precisely the exact identical I/O choices you locate on expensive panels such as the Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA. A blend of power/input button rests to the lower side in the rear of this TV, which wraps everything for bodily controls.


Also contained in the bundle will be a Fire TV remote, designed particularly for TVs, also somewhat large and more complicated compared to voice distant contained using Amazon Fire TV press streamers. Regardless, it still can be a slender black plastic wand using a visible black round navigation pad. Over the padthere are three menu switches and three playback buttons under it, whereas the mic and power buttons are put on the very top of the distant near a pinhole mic.

In reality, that is the normal design for Fire TV streamer remotes, just that Toshiba adds a volume rocker, mute and dwell TV buttons directly under the playback controllers. Furthermore, they’ve introduced dedicated support buttons for Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Netflix, and PlayStation Vue. Along with Bluetooth, you’ve infrared to the distant, and that means that you may use it in order to control the TV when the Bluetooth link fall, without needing to re-pair the distant first.


Even the Amazon Fire TV system is made in this way it’s possible to utilize your present Amazon accounts to tack on program downloads, leasing or purchasing websites, and having an Amazon Prime membership it is possible to get a large choice of film flows, TV shows, and audio flow too. Thus, you are going to want to register with your Amazon account to get the majority of these Fire TV attributes. But, unlike the normal Fire TV media streamer, you easily do not require an Amazon account to utilize the Fire TV Edition.

However, most consumers having an active online link is going to want to utilize their Amazon accounts to get the complete attributes over the Toshiba 32LF221U21, dependent on how improved it’s as a smart TV platform. Using Fire TV, you can get most important streaming solutions, such as Amazon’s own Video and audio, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, Spotify, along with Twitch. Missing out of the TV Ecosystem have been all Google Play Movies & TV in Addition to Google Play Music. Astonishingly, YouTube loads just through the FireFox or Silk browsers, rather than its very own dedicated program.

Alexa voice helper access is contained in the Fire TV, which you are able to start and use simply by pressing the microphone button on the remote and talking into it. It is hands-free, exactly like ab Echo or Echo Spot, however completely functional out of the box using a button presson. You are able to set the TV having an Echo to get Alexa via the TV hands free and use the own voice to command it.


The Toshiba 32LF221U21 utilizes a 720p settlement panel, that’s the cheapest some TV can go recently, but it does not necessarily spoil the celebration . Its characteristic specs and offering are extremely powerful for an entry level, funding TV that competes monitors at pricing. This Toshiba 32-inch TV does not encourage large dynamic range (HDR), a characteristic that is only available from the 55-inch Toshiba 55LF711U20, which boasts a sharp 4K resolution.

With that restriction, you are not getting especially wide colour gamut on the 32-inch version, and it will not transcend broadcast standards using rather undersaturated reds. The remaining colours are nicely balanced, although not tinted, however, perhaps not the exact vibrant, something that you expect in the 720p panel. For contrast, the pricier TCL 32S327 offers lighter colours, greater peak brightness and broad color gamut, because of some 1080p resolution panel.

Regardless of the hum-hum comparison along with limited colour range about the Toshiba 32-inch TV, BBC’s Seven Sisters, 1 Planet on HD appears pretty fine on it. You’re able to select fine details such as leaves and feathers, but they are not as colorful as they are around the Toshiba 55-inch 4K TV. Sunny scenes are brilliant because of our liking, however, the panel’s reduced contrast usually means that shadows have a tendency to seem somewhat blown out from the lighting. Surethis is not the best image it is possible to discover even in a funding TV, however it manages to seem fairly good considering the present limitations.


Input lag is time a screen requires to upgrade after having a sign. The Toshiba 32-inch TV shows varying capacities in various manners. In Picture mode, the 32LF221U21 indicates a bad 70.7ms input , but shifting to Game style cuts down to a decent 40.1ms, but too large for all of us to think about it great for TV gambling. On the flip side, the TCL 32S327 as well as also the 39-inch Insignia NS-39DF510NA19 equally provide far superior functionality, respectively only 17.6 along with 15.9ms within their Game manners.

Power consumption in the Toshiba 32-inch TV is quite pedestrian, with no particular power-saving attributes or styles available, although you are able to spare yourself a little power by dimming the backlight. Under normal viewing conditions, it absorbs 97 watts of electricity, whereas its 4K version absorbs 137 watts, which we attribute to the high-res screen.


  • Very Cheap

  • Constructed Amazon Fire TV

  • Alexa integration


  • Small color array

Bottom line

Even the Toshiba 32-inch Fire TV Edition (2020 version ) is a cheaper smart TV than the Element Fire TV Editions from this past year, and also the accession of Alexa integration is really a pretty really great advantage on newspaper. It will make substantial compromises in film to reach the sweet reduced cost, but leading to downright inferior black level and colour array, but that is to be expected when you locate that a 32-inch TV for less 200. However the Amazon Fire TV system is strong with useful characteristics that will combine nicely for home users looking for a little kitchen/bedroom smart TV.

Nevertheless, if all you require is a fine, small TV using Amazon Fire TV attributes while paying as little as you can, the Toshiba 32LF221U21 is excellent purchase. The 32-inch TCL 32S327 remains our Editors’ Choice, Although It utilizes Roku TV Smart Characteristics, rather than Amazon Fire TV Edition from the Toshiba 32-inch TV.


Total Score 


Even the All-New Toshiba 32LF221U21 is a cheap 32-inch Smart TV that stones Amazon’s Fire TV attributes and may be obtained at a really affordable price, without sacrificing picture quality and sound output.



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