STANLEY J5C09 Power Station Review

STANLEY J5C09 Power Station Review


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The majority folks are to a scenario where you receive in to your vehicle, turn the key and then click, click. The dreaded batterylife! And it happens whenever you have enough time to spare.

When it’s extreme cold or heat or you left the lights , batteries perish for a variety of explanations. The fantastic news is that most of these are able to be jumped straight back your. The good thing is that most people require the older way of bypassing their battery life with the assistance of jumper wires along with the other car or truck. However, imagine if you really don’t possess ?

That you won’t have to be worried about Stanley JC509 1, 000 jump-starter gets got the remedy to your issue. Even the Stanley series hop starters let you jump back your battery alive without the necessity of some other automobile. These hop starters package the power that you require, from 600 summit amps all of the way upto 1, 000 peak amps.

Even the Stanley series jump starters are easy to utilize. Only hook the straps to your battery, then start the switch and begin your motor car or truck. Additionally, it is safe to use as you cannot hook it erroneous. Should you, an audible alert will appear let you change the straps to the appropriate polarity.

Do you need mobile power?

Who does nowadays? The Stanley chain jump starters gets covered using a USB power interface and 12 volt DC socket. Thus in case the lights go out because of weather emergency or you only have to control your cellular phone, tablet or notebook, you are ready to go. Mobile power on the move!

Finally, charging your Stanley jump starters straight back up after usage is easy. All you have to is that a household extension cable and you are place. Pull back the cap onto the rear of this jumper, plug at the extension cable and control it before LED indicator light turns green.

WHAT WE LIKED about This

  • A builtin basic security system sounds an alert in the event that you attached the pliers erroneously.
  • It’s mobile and powerful
  • It’s a simple to understand price meter


The minute you had your very first vehicle, without a doubt, you knew that we now have responsibilities which are going to soon be inherent up on you personally. For that, it is worth it to become knowledgeable on what you’re able to trouble shoot several issues, such as with a dead batterylife. In the instance of this latter, among things which can be carried out is to jump start. That can be achieved using a battery out of the other vehicle. When there isn’t any other vehicle around, mobile jump starters helps you to spare daily. Together with all the STANLEY J5C09 Power Station can be an illustration of the perfect remedy to this desire that you may face 1 day.

This gadget packs 500 amps of instant starting power, in addition to 1, 000 summit amps, also that offer a convenient, portable solution to jumpstart your vehicle battery without needing to telephone some one else with an vehicle that will assist you to. All you have to do is join the hook the straps to a own battery life, start the switch and begin your car or truck.

This hop starter additionally features a integral USB interface, tremendously helpful should you will need to control your mobile, and also the 120-psi compressor might aid with tires that are low. With sufficient power to jumpstart your vehicle, vehicle, bike, boat, RV or Highway, the Stanley Battery Jumpstarter is Perfect for everyday usage or roadside crises

One of things which helps make this an outstanding option may be the simple fact it is userfriendly. There’s also no possibility you will be minding the straps on the wrong terminals. If in the event you need to are doing, then you are able to hear an audible alert which will allow to switch this up. We all do urge the system for you personally.


  • An Builtin security system sounds an alert in the Event That You attached the pliers erroneously
  • It’s mobile and powerful
  • It’s a simple to Comprehend price meter


  • High Priced, however justifiable


Total Score 


Even the STANLEY J5C09 Power Station and leap starter provides the Ease of a scooter, power supply and leap starter at one powerful bundle

STANLEY J5C09 Power Station


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