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Sceptre E258B-1658A Review

Sceptre E258B-1658A Review


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If it comes to gaming tracks, there exists a laundry list of specs and features which you could need. The Sceptre E258B-1658A is among the budget monitors you could choose to look out for. It generally appears to tick the majority of the boxes, so as a result of a glowing 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution screen, Free Sync service, a fistful of optimized gaming styles along with also strong colour reproduction hat may get your games seem great. You’ll overlook a few more superior features, such as HDR curved and support screen, but at its own price, the E258B-1658A is just one of the very economical gaming monitors it is possible to purchase.



Even the Sceptre E258B’s shameful design is pretty much just as though its predecessor, the Sceptre E225W-19203R, although the screen’s stand and rounded base game only enough brushed silver beams to remind you this is actually really just a gaming peripheral. Exactly what the display lacks in flashiness, but it makes up for in practicality. Sceptre’s monitor does not offer substantially in alterations, no elevation, no swivel, only lean (5 degrees forward, 2-2 degrees straight back ).

The screen will be also VESA-mountable, in the event you prefer to forgo the rack thoroughly and attach it to a wall. The Sceptre E258B-1658A packs enough relations for the PC or games console, together using two HDMI inputs together with some DisplayPort (the latter which will be required to make utilize of the track’s Free Sync style ). Other people incorporate a 3.5millimeter audio jack and some of speakers that are built-in.

The screen’s interface is simple and relatively quick to navigate to get a gaming computer. It includes multiple color styles for various occasions: Preset Picture Mode (Standard, User, Picture, E CO ); pre set Game Mode — RTS (Real Time Strategy), FPS (First Person Shooter and Eye Saver Mode that’s suited to Blue moderate shift to avoid eyestrain, along side flexible gamma settings.


Screen Size and Resolution25 inch, 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate165Hz
Response Time1 ms
AMD FreeSync?Yes
Ports2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort
Built-in SpeakersYes
Stereo Speaker?Yes
Dimensions13.4 x 9.3 x 0.7 inches
Weight3.42 lbs


In regards to gaming, obtaining a track which may render the signal in the PC origin is crucial plus you having a 165Hz refresh speed and also a 1ms response time just such as the Sceptre E258B-1658A offers better chances. When analyzed on battle field inch (PC Model ), the screen places a robust showing with no observable screen rapping, or ghosting you’d experience with low screen screen. This is authorized by a quick refresh speed, short gray-to-gray answer period, and much more notably AMD’s Free Sync technology which enhances playability and produces sharp pixels throughout the board.

The panel’s 10.9 milli-seconds input isn’t remote your contest, also you also may not actually notice it throughout gameplay. Up to now, the BenQ SW2700PT could be the fastest track we’ve had using a input signal lag of 9.5 milliseconds. The power to show very heavy blacks helps enhance the colours, and even though color accuracy is a bit more skewed. Ideally, for funding tracks, skewed colors are not rare, for example here, as the monitors are not designed for color-critical tasks.


With superior colour performance, fast 1ms response period, Free Sync to get tear-free gaming and a slick, flexible stand, the Sceptre E258B-1658A is easily among the finest entrylevel gaming monitors available on the industry. Additionally it is certainly one of the less expensive kinds, given its feature collections, specially one of people using a 165-refresh pace.

But, it isn’t perfect. It lacks USB interfaces and the deficiencies of ergonomic alterations glaring omissions within an otherwise leading track. The 27-inch a sus ROG Swift PG27UQ supplies a 4K resolution and features Nvidia GSync, that is possibly a improved version of elastic framerate technology and the sole alternative for everybody using Nvidia graphics cards.

That said, the Sceptre E258B-1658A continues to be a great selection for just about any gamer also can be incredibly less expensive compared to Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ along with also our Editors’ Choice gaming screen, the Alienware AW3418DW. In the event that you specially need short response time and high refresh speed for activity, this really can be the gaming screen foryou personally.


  • Sharp 1080p-resolution
  • AMD Free Sync service
  • Super Fast response occasions


  • No USB ports
  • Lacks swivel and elevation support


Total Score 


Even the Sceptre E258B-1658A can be actually really just a gorgeous 25-inch gaming software that features premium features like AMD Free Sync and short answer time, also is much cheap than competing tracks using similar specs.



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