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Sceptre C248W-1920RN Monitor Review

Sceptre C248W-1920RN Monitor Review


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The Sceptre C248W-1920RN 24-inch monitor shows rich and pretty true colors for the video and photos. And, it has superior appearances but costs less than rivals such as the Acer XFA240 bmjdpr and the a sus VG248QZ, however, remains a fantastic selection for dual-monitor installation. But it lacks the type of gaming-centric qualities you’d find on a normal gaming monitor, for example as AMD Free Sync Adaptive Sync technology and higher-than-ordinary refresh speed, also it will not encourage HDR.

Those features with this idea, the C248W can be just really actually a fantastic choice for enthusiast gamers and experts searching for a mid size company or entertainment monitor that manages colors well.


Even a matte-black 24-inch (measured diagonally) monitor, the Sceptre C248W-1920RN measures 15.94 from 21.34 by 7.95 inches (HWD), however it lacks many ergonomic alterations — it may simply be tilted in 5 degrees to 23 degrees up. The bottom is circular-shaped bottom using a cylindrical arm which connects to the trunk of this monitor. The panel base bezel is 0.6-inch-tall; the other medial side panels are so sparse you could think the C248W is frame-less, which makes it a fantastic candidate for multi-monitor installation.

The Sceptre C248W panel comes with an native FHD resolution (1,920 by 1,080), which turns out to a 21:9 aspect ratio. Other characteristics comprise a 5-microsecond gray-to-gray (G-to-G) response period, 250cd/m2 summit brightness, 75Hz refresh speed, and also a 3M:1 contrast ratio; most common at the sub-$250 price point. Its pixel-density is somewhat low when compared to this ViewSonic VP2785-4K monitor (163ppi), that comprises a 4K monitor. In general, the more complex the pixel density, the flatter the picture, nevertheless also the C248W does a fantastic job showing visuals that are clear.

The panel includes 1800R curvature, meaning if its own curve were to keep on around to produce the complete circle, then it’d have a radius of 1,800millimeter, roughly 1.8 meters. This could be actually the tightest curvature we’ve observed on a funding monitor perhaps maybe not targeted exclusively for gambling. As usual using VA panels, the C248W has rather wide viewing angles (ranked at 178 degrees), which unite with the profound curvature to create a immersive experience.


Across the trunk, you can find back facing vents including an HDMI port, a VGA, a headset jack and a DC connector. Unlike the majority of its peers within such a particular specific category, this one also gets four VESA bracket holes you may use to hold on the monitor on the wallsocket, or perhaps even a custom rack to get a dual-monitor installation. Still on the trunk, you can find just five small role buttons on the other hand (if you should be taking a look at them out of the trunk ).

Even the onscreen menu delivers an adequate choice of settings, though it generally does not incorporate the most common complex six color alterations you simply get even more high priced gaming monitors just such as the a sus ROG Swift PG258Q. Still, the available options provide you with a stage to correct your picture into the ideal amount potential, nevertheless, you’ll profit from the conventional setting, as the remaining options are too dark or too glowing.


While charged as being a gaming monitor, the C248W-1920RN’s 75Hz refresh speed and deficiency of Adaptive Sync technology ensure it is of an productivity monitor which will be sporadically employed for gambling. For gambling, you’re going to require a monitor which may endure as much as Nvidia’s most up-to-date R-TX 20-Series graphics cards, and which takes a 144Hz resolution anyway for butter-smooth game play. For pro-gamers, a sus delivers the 35-inch ROG Strix XG35VQ (3440 x 1440 resolution), also AOC CQ32G1 (2560 x 1440 resolution) is just great for Pro Gaming, however boasting 144Hz refresh prices and also short 1ms response prices and also flexible sync technology service.

On the flip side, casual gamers searching for something trendy and competent will get some significance from the Sceptre C248W-1920RN. It works well on casual matches which do not call for the fastest refresh rates, screens 1080p video along with other material in 5ms refresh speed. Even the VA panel technology produces brilliant colours, the viewing angles are adequate (perhaps maybe not just the most effective, though) to get a 24-inch monitor, using nominal color altering when viewing from virtually any angle.

In reality, you will eliminate fast-moving objects, however you’ll likely encounter a few lag in modern AAA names played in quite substantial settings. Input lag (the period of time that it requires to your monitor to answer a control command) came in at a remarkable 13.7 milliseconds, that isn’t far-apart from your contest.

Even the 24-inch Sceptre C248W is right for you personally, when you are on a budget but want a curved monitor which may be employed for both play and work, but seems superior than it’s costs. In regards with enough you will require for casual gambling and productivity, for example bonuses including a more brilliant curved screen and also a 75Hz refresh rate. Throwin a slick design, and you have got one among those best-looking mid size monitors around.


  • Exemplary color and grayscale performance
  • Fashionable no-bezel design
  • The Best Value for cash


  • Slow pixel reaction
  • Stand permits for tilt adjustment simply


Total Score 


The Sceptre C248W-1920RN is right for you personally, in case you are on a budget but want a monitor which may be useful for both play and work, but seems superior than it’s costs. In regards with enough you will require for casual gambling and productivity, for example bonuses including a more brilliant curved screen and also a 75Hz refresh rate.



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