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Samsung C27FG70 27-Inch Gaming Monitor Review

Samsung C27FG70 27-Inch Gaming Monitor Review


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Throughout the IFA 2016, I tinkered with Samsung’s brand new gambling monitors and the encounter was remarkable. Samsung is rolling its championships to gambling using some of curved GFG70 Series monitors made to offer players the best images, delivered in the fastest rates, to the sharpest monitors. These monitors include 2 iterations; the Samsung C24FG70 — 24-inches, as well as the Samsung C27FG70 — 27-inches.

These monitors utilize Samsung’s Quantum Dot technologies. Now players can have everything together with curves. One of the highlights on this monitors is that the incorporation of AMD’s FreeSync technologies that reduces recoil by making sure that the display refresh speed is synchronized around 144Hz. We have seen Samsung utilize Quantum Dot technologies in its own Super Ultra High-Definition TVs, also viewing exactly the same trickle down into the CFG70 Series creates these monitors a simple option to advocate.


Together with its curved, 24-inch monitor, Samsung is guaranteed to liven even the drabbest of laptops. Along with the C24FG70 does not fail in doing this. We have always seen gambling monitors adorned with showy layouts along with competitive red lights, however, also the Samsung C27FG70’s simplicity makes it stand out. Nothing yelling here: Only a modest, all-black monitor, with a curved 24-inch display, resting on a big, rounded foundation.

Samsung wished to create them monitors stand outside, and also in dong they used a conventional slide-and-lock stand, the more CFG70 includes a ball-and-joint mechanism which lets the throat to easily tilt, correct lift, rotate, and squeeze, all without automatically shifting the foundation. To put it simply, that the dual-hinge layout appears like a robotic arm, having the capability to rotate unidirectionally at varying levels, which makes it amazingly intuitive. Besides, you may throw it to portrait mode, in case wish to see any tweets as you match on a different screen.

The foundation is steady, but for me personally, I find it somewhat superfluous, and it might make sense when it provided wireless charging like we have seen in a number of Samsung’s non-gaming monitors. But because it does not provide you any sort of charging or perhaps seep as an holder for virtually any peripherals, I believe it will take up room for no reason. Fortunately, everything about the CFG70’s layout has its own credentials in sequence, which makes this monitor a pleasure to use regular.

Rather than glaring red lights, then the CFG70 includes what Samsung calls”Arena Lighting,” that is a mini LED light under the display that sheds a vibrant blue shine onto the foundation under. It’s possible to personalize the mild to twinkle out and in, or possess it replicate lights in blockages in sync with your PC’s sound. These culminate in an epic lighting series, even although it does not fit with the Acer Predator X34’s larger LED strip which neatly arrays an assortment of colours and light effects, along with another capability to ripple side to sideeffects


Port choice around the C24FG70 is rather regular, with virtually all of the fundamental ports you would want to encourage your PC, game console and also flowing box of selection all at one time. Here we are considering just 2 HDMI ports, also a DisplayPort, along with two 3.5millimeter audio jacks. A handily set rear-facing knob (that doubles as power button and volume change ) eases menu surfing, and the encounter is significantly far much better than many monitors I have tested before.

The vents themselves are mostly situated on the back-right facet of their monitor, they are all easily accessible, and it is here that the armature stand actually shines. It is possible to quickly and quickly pivot the display to both sides so as to observe the vents and plug anything that must be plugged .


Even the Samsung C27FG70 includes a quick, 144Hz refresh speed, which can be finally immersive sufficient for simple experiences and both responsive for aggressive names. Samsung’s monitor has been most striking whilst flying throughout Grand Theft Auto V, together with all the game’s images bringing many monitors for their knees although the Samsung panel wasn’t bowed, even though I maxed the settlements.

While I had all of the fun tinkering distinct games, I am unsure how much difference that the screen’s 1800R curvature made. In our larger and bolder screens, like the Acer Predator X34, the curve provides a different layer coating of immersion. Regrettably, on a tiny 27-incher, the curve seems just like a well-thought — however inessential — incentive.

This weapon is effective at representing 125-percent of this sRGB range and 87-percent of this AdobeRGB scale. For the gambling market, this is a significant headline attribute, and also to this Samsung touts Quantum-Dot technologies, which guarantees wider than-average range vibrating colours. I am somewhat skeptical of the execution, moving from the fact that beyond Quantum Dot shows I’ve seen have not lived to the hype with wider colour gamut. However, to your CFG70’s charge, the colour gamut here’s far much better than ordinary.

Color precision about the monitor was somewhat more difficult, averaging a 2.71 shade gap. This score is very close to 1.0 that is thought about ideals, as well as an ordinary colour difference of less than 1.0 becomes indiscernible to the human eye. On this, we are going to have to wait and determine if calibration can merely resolve a number of those issues.

Together with 266 nits of brightness, then it stands outside that a nicely-bundled display, topping the BenQ (173 nits) but monitoring the ViewSonic (355 nits). Additionally, the panel supports AMD FreeSync, which functions to get rid of display rips and stutters for people gambling on AMD-powered machines directly tapping on the monitor to the card.


  • Stylish, curved layout

  • Easily abbreviated menus

  • High refresh speed, Outstanding response time

  • Excellent comparison ratio


  • Body of screen feels economical


Total Score 


The Samsung C27FG70 is a great gaming monitor that’s very likely to quicken Samsung’s introduction into the gambling market, providing impressive brightness and color, incredibly quick response times.



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