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Ozeri Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale Review

Ozeri Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale Review


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Ozeri Digital Multifunction Kitchen

Measuring cups are getting to be religiously inaccurate in regards to, as you know, getting the proper dimensions. To be certain, provide three individuals cups and request them to fill it with yogurt, undoubtedly you will receive back three distinct steps. It is more motive why chefs and bakers now swear by minding ingredients.

It is just a different cooking experience within itselfto convert a recipe for ounces or g on your own. Even the Ozeri ZK14-S Food Scale does the job for you, also it is going to provide you true weight effectively eliminates the requirement for measuring cups. Provided that you do not wish to get overly electronic in the kitchenit does a fantastic job.


The Pronto is constructed utilizing the very latest creation in detector technology. This technology provides a direct response to your fast paced chef together with ensuring precision that’s of fantastic significance. This makes the machine an ultimate companion to its devoted cooks. Additionally, the elegant chrome finish increases the mobile profile.

The scale will weigh up to 11 lbs that’s roughly 5050 g and is at graduations of only 0.05 ounces that’s 1 gram. This can allow you to attain your diet plan and weight objectives. Additionally, it comes with a Tare button, so that works to automatically subtract the weight of any container or bowl to figure out the net burden of the components just.

Next, the Tare button and the device button at the Pronto, the two offer an audible and tactile clickon. This attribute provides you a verification so that you don’t need to push when preparing foods in a hurry.

Even the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto runs on 2 AAA batteries, unlike many plug batteries on the marketplace. Replacing the batteries might be a drawback or otherwise, is dependent on how you look at it. While replacing the batteries may seem inconveniencing, it avoids the mess of wires lining your counter space.


The purchase cost to get an electronic scale with the integrated screen is a bargain that is difficult to overcome. Even the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto strikes a fantastic balance between function and form — using a sleek, lightweight design and precise measurements for many different values. All this include up into some trendy, precise and flexible kitchen scale value having in the top of your list.

Is there an alternative?

Even the Ozeri Pronto is a superb solution, but you can not miss choices within this class. Should you require something super-slim, and flexible, the Greater Goods 480 Scale provides all those attributes, and provides a massive platform so it’s possible to weigh huge products.

Should you buy it?

Yes. If you’re trying to find a kitchen with a larger choice of measurement units compared to many kitchen scales, then which convert ounces to grams, pounds to kilograms, after subtracting the tare weight of their carrying bowl/container, then the Ozeri Pronto presents perfect accuracy.


  • Could weigh up to 11 lbs
    Very precise
  • More components of dimension compared to many climbs


  • Software AAA batteries
  • Additional scales have bigger amounts


Total Score 


Even the Ozeri Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale (ZK14-S) strikes a fantastic balance between function and form — using a sleek, lightweight design and precise dimensions for many different values.




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Ozeri Digital Multifunction Kitchen