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HP Pavilion 790-0020 Review

HP Pavilion 790-0020 Review


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The HP Pavilion 790-0020 can be a entrylevel gaming PC, which is way better fitted to your own picture artist significantly more than it really is for a budding participant. Still, it could perform . For those creatives whose demands are primarily media and video production, music monitoring and ingestion, this Pavilion can be a great option. If playingwith the 8th Gen. Intel Core I 5 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 10-60 can find you playing your modern titles without a lot of fuss.

This really is precisely exactly everything you’d describe being an luxury multimedia PC (which has been nearly six years past ), now they just call them conventional desktop PCs. Obviously, it is sold with features you mightn’t see at that price range many decades ago, including a passionate GPU, a peppy CPU processor a solidstate drive (SSD) storage alternative ) If you should be taking a look at replacing an aging laptop or perhaps even a $3000 tower, perhaps maybe not pay much, you may also start here.


On appearances, the HP 790-0020 still conveys exactly the exact same Pavilion decorative, with all the trademark black painted side panels, so which extends into the remainder of the device aside from a more green HP logo on the top front terrace. The normal tower design is spacious enough to allow for memory and storage expansions, only in the event you want to in a couple of decades.

Measuring 14.33 from 6.5 by 14.88 inches (HWD), this tower is all about the ideal size for some desks. If you should be restricted in distance, you could always elect for mini towers, however you are going to need to forfeit updates and expansions in the future. Speaking of updates, the added 300W power source will do for your own GTX 10 60 GPU, in the event you opt to upgrade , let us imagine GTX 1080, you will also be likely to obtain yourself a bigger power source too.


In spite of the fact that most PC manufacturers are falling the optical drive, that you’ve got just one inform of a vertical-loading dvd-burner on front panel. Additional I/O vents on precisely exactly the exact same board are: one USB 3.1 Form C, 2 USB 3.1 Gen inch two USB 3.1 Gen two, and also a headphone/microphone combo. Across the trunk, there’s really just actually a set of USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet jack, two HDMI out, four USB 3.1, along with audio/microphone jacks along side a 3in1 card reader. Additionally, there are 3 DisplayPorts, 1 HDMI and also a dual-link DVI interface for multi-monitor installations.

Bundled in to the package is really just a wired mouse and computer keyboard, whereas the monitor has been bought separately. In analyzing, we installed the device into the 23-inch Acer R240HY and also managed to reach pretty all evaluations without the lost pixels onto our own multimedia and gaming pursuits.

Storage arrives in means of a 256GB SSD, that you may readily swap using a larger capacity driveway or use an external hard disk drive. Possessing an SSD really boosts performance, a lot better than you’d have with conventional turning hard disk drives, just you get the heaps of storage just as we’ve was able to get using all the latter. For wireless connectivity, there’s definitely an 802.11a/b/n/ac wi fi Bluetooth and card 4.2.


Casual gamers and multimedia enthusiasts will discover the HP Pavilion 790-0020 a unique option, as a result of a intriguing feature collection and components. Powered through an 8th Gen hexa-core Intel Core i5-8400 (2.80GHz) processor, 8GB system memory (user friendly to 64GB) and also a passionate Nvidia GTX 10 60 GPU, this PC are designed for maximum productivity thrown its own way. Plus, with the SSD storage option, its likely to launch a new job and acquire employed in a couple of minutes. The Core I 5 has 11644 points about CPU standard, that is nearly everything you’d find on many 7th-gen Core i-7 chips. For multimedia actions and standard productivity, that really is the most useful processors to become to a budget.

With a passionate Nvidia GeForce 10 60 (3GB) GPU, the Pavilion 790 will permit you to play with modern games, albeit in moderate configurations, clocking at 1080p resolutions. On gaming evaluations, it delivers decent framerates per second (fps), that is what we expected of this. Constructed at 1080p with maximum thickness settings, this PC delivers 60 fps on Grand Theft Automobile 9 3 fps Overwatch and 82 fps around battle field 4; that will be nearly the exact experience you obtain together using the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8060A5, also a VR ready gaming PC with exactly the exact same GTX 10 60 graphics card.

Though billed as being a gaming PC, the HP Pavilion 790-0020 does longer as a main stream platform compared to the usual gaming rig. It combines a powerful feature set and powerful components to deliver decent performance on the casual gaming and endurance, underlain with way of a sterile aesthetic that matches a workplace installation. This really is some of the systems that’ll permit you to finish a multimedia project, also receive playing with the second time hassle-free in a price less compared to the usual fitting laptop.

The GTX 10 60 GPU supports Virtual Reality (VR) cans and harbours most of the requirement to get a digital installation. So, for solid growth performance, latest components and decent pricing, the brand new HP Pavilion 790-0020 functions top being a superb option for anybody on the industry for a reasonable conventional PC.


  • Strong multimedia performance
  • Competitive pricing for the parts and attributes
  • Casual gaming for Much-less
  • Exemplary connectivity choices


  • The 300W restricts prospective updates
  • One More hard disk for storage could be better, also


Total Score 


The HP Stream 11-ak0020nr model we’ve reviewed is a great laptop designed for students – but is equally suited for casual users who need something for working from home.



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