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HP Pavilion 22cwa Review | HP Monitor Review

HP Pavilion 22cwa Review


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For casual users, the 21.5-inch HP Pavilion 22cwa LED-monitor excels having its own”floating screen” design. This really is a portion of the most recent harvest of monitors which game ultra-thin closets and slick design. Along with impressive aesthetics, this particular monitor promotes wide viewing angles and IPS technology, which makes it a bigdeal among blogs customers.

That you aren’t getting automatic or speakers brightness controller using this particular specific version, however it will offer good image quality and its own feature set will be offer real significance for the dollar, specially, to get a mid-screen monitor having a best mixture of style and performance.


Even the Pavilion 22cwa utilizes a bezel-less design, making the 21-inch panel seem somewhat larger than it’s. The underside bezel is placed into a matte-black cupboard, and using four functional button, even whereas the power button can be situated further perfect. The buttons are not labelled, so that it is going to have a day or two before you become accustomed to themanyway, we rarely need to utilize them consistently after the preliminary installation. Only the energy switch is different, for all of the obvious reasons.

On the 1920-by-1080 screen, you now have H P Enhance+ feature, also a noise reduction feature using three-modes: low, moderate, and high settings; however, you will come across the screen to become marginally symmetrical. You maybe astonished that the screen will look as a mirror, that is distracting whenever the image appearing on the screen will be dark.

It measures 5.9-by-15.8-by-19.6 inches and weighs only 6.6 lbs, with a small curve at the rear having still another HP logo engraved into the plastic. Port selection is bound here, using just two external facing video interfaces (HDMI and VGA), and that’s you arrive here; there are no USB or sound interfaces. Additionally, with this version that you aren’t getting any webcam or speakers.

A rectangular rack affirms the 6.6-pound monitor, also it possesses upto 26-degrees of tilt. Sadlyit will not always have detachable, height, or pivot alterations –as if you’d enter more superior monitors, nor does this have some speakers. Perhaps to pay for all those trade offs, it has a tray at which it is simple to stash your computer, and you will require a VESA Mount Adapter so as to make utilize of the discretionary wall-mounting kit.


The HP 22cwa can be actually really just a funding monitor, using incredibly precise colour detail. Colors are equally saturated throughout the screen, plus so they did not seem beaten up, even if viewed angle. Being a IPS display, it advantages of heavy color shades that appear natural since they have to, though there’s a lack in detail in high pixels, whereas black can appear off tone, however it is really a slight flaw I did not as well think about a dealbreaker.

On the 21-inch display, I managed to definitely pick modest fonts, even together using sharp rendering of HD content in elevated particulars. Watching Rings with this monitor was intriguing; wallpapers were clear and also the bezel-free chassis provides you a cozy feeling as though you are watching the picture in an HDTV, as opposed to the usual budget background monitor. Using 7-ms (g-g) pixel response period, lets the board to handle rapid movement, though when working with it onto a PS-4, there clearly is a few slight blurring that had been expected.

For bargain hunters, the HP Pavilion 22cwa might be the very best price you would certainly be visiting in a lengthy period, atleast at the monitor category. It’s, specially, a good option for folks seeking to go as much as and including medium-screen monitor that produces the very best of both worlds: great performance and excellent aesthetics.

Final : 

While I would have had to see more future-looking features with this particular version, for example a webcam, USB interfaces and a swivel base, it does the job to its backend category. Irrespective of this, a full-hd display, HDMI and VGA interface, over all great tone and image quality are not easy to find at this budget. For these causes, the HP Pavilion 22cwa makes our Editors’ Choice award for cheap medium-screen monitors.


  • Cheap
  • Good colour quality


  • Tilt-only rack
  • No USB ports


Total Score 


The HP Pavilion 22cwa is nicely-designed 21-inch monitor which delivers brilliant coloration, solid colours and wide viewing angles, including less.



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