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HP Chromebook 14-db0030nr Review

HP Chromebook 14-db0030nr Review


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Chromebooks keep enlarging, in screen dimensions, performance and fame. In only a couple of decades, they will have moved outside budget and schools gadgets out there on the regional mart, in to homes and coffee shops. Still, you have any such as the HP Chromebook 14-db0030nr which are inexpensive, hassle-free options to Windows laptops and MacBooks.

Even the HP Chromebook 14 we’re reviewing fuels which adoption with an 14-inch panel that is big enough to find work , paired using a computer keyboard it does not really feel cramped. Its battery lasts throughout the day long on a single charge and it includes a slick white design that resembles a luxury at the pricepoint. While other Chromebooks just such as the a sus Chromebook C425 offer improved performance, the Chromebook 14 is just a fantastic allrounder for basic tasks.


This Chromebook 14 looks very unique from the typical silver-themed budget machines that you frequently watch on the industry. This one includes a refreshed white color that stands apart from the audience. The lid of this HP Chromebook sports a demanding feature using a gleaming HP logo located in the guts. Once you start the lid, then you are greeted with a brushed white deck, white keys along with whitened, nut sparse display bezels.

While a white design appears hot and unique, part of me worries that the system will probably seem dirty as time passes, particularly given its target audience (s) are kiddies and the k 12 marketplace. None the less, the white surfaces look attractively while they violate the monotony of silver chassis entirely on superior ultra-portables.

Not surprisingly at the price point, the full Chromebook 14 is trimmed out of vinyl, despite having a couple hardy touches. I am confident it may survive the pushes and forces of a common class room, that isn’t some thing that you can commonly state of a sub-$400 laptop. Just 0.7 inches thick and weighing just 3.3 lbs, the HP 14-db0030nr is very light and mobile, compared tosaythe 15-inch Acer Chromebook 1-5 (0.8 inches, 4.4 pounds) along with also a sus Chromebook C523NA (3.8 pounds), however marginally milder than the Lenovo Chromebook C330 (2.6 pounds).

To get a budget laptop, vent selection listed here is good. On left side of this HP Chromebook 14, you now get a USB TypeC interface, a USB 3.0 interface, and a lock slotmachine. The ideal side carries a microSD card slot, also a headset jack, along with another couple of USB 3.0 along with USB TypeC interfaces.


HP did not score here, bringing a 720p screen rather than a glowing 1080p panel. The screen’s 1366 x 768 resolution panel is still okay for daily usage, however a greater resolution could be better that the minimal cost however. Not surprisingly, the panel looks somewhat grainy but complete, you are going to be pleased with the caliber for the price tag, even when a few graphics will appear slightly beaten up.

The display’s black level maximum out in 0.84cd/m2, that really will be somewhat low what we had expected for its comparison isn’t too great in 284:1. It insures 58.4 percent of their sRGB color gamut, which means that you can not do some intensive colour work , such as image editing and video processing.


There’s not much to whine regarding the HP Chromebook 14’s mobile computer keyboard, but for the absence of back lighting. The whitened, chiclet-style keys are more both all comfy, well-spaced and large, however a few arrow keys are all under sized. And whilst it’s just 1.2 millimeters of vital travel (lacking our 1.5millimeter taste ), the average person keys feel resilient, possibly on account of this more moderate 71 grams of actuation force.

Right beneath the computer keyboard is just really a 4.5 x ray 2.3-inch touchpad that reacts fast since you swipe your path round multiple Goggle Chrome tabs. You wont have problems pulling Chrome OS gestures, such as changing between tabs having a three-finger swipe.


Our HP Chromebook 14 setup is all about as powerful a funding Chromebook since you will discover. It includes the AMD dualcore A4-9120 chip, 4GB or RAM along with 32GB display storage. When you’ll notice, the HP 14-db0030nr can’t keep up with both this HP Chromebook 1-5 and also two additional models with Core i-3 CPUS, the Acer Chromebook 714 along with Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630. Still, considering it price-point, you are becoming more computer than you are paying .

Switched on / off , it will take 11 minutes to reach on at exactly the Google touchscreen screen, and it is on level with the majority of funding Chromebooks and not exactly two times as fast as many funding laptops. Once powered, the HP Chromebook 1-5 feels peppy and can conduct ChromeOS easily, also under light multi tasking scenarios with an increase of around halfdozen browser tabs available. In addition, it flows HD (720p) runs and videos on Android programs smoothly.


Adding a little, 2-cell battery using a sizable, 14-inch display can add as much as adequate battery life. Lasting just over 9 hours 23 minutes onto a single fee, it’s equipped to overtake most versions and, even if you should be hitting it hard, likely you will receive through the complete work day like many Chromebooks in these times do.

Still, you’re able to find yourself a more run time under more start-and-stop, lid-open/lid-shut usage scenarios than always playing video, however on raw battery life, it’s quite competitive with additional similar-size Chromebooks.

From the funding Chromebook category, the HP Chromebook 14 can be still a premier competition, delivering powerful specs and acceptable performance for its price tag, and also its own particular all-white enclosure is both attractive and durable. The pretty large, bright display and incredibly comfy keyboard make it a wise option for faculty and entertainment. We just wish it had a 1080p-resolution display, some thing which restricts its allure, but that is perhaps maybe not just really a dealbreaker specially when buying simple laptop for faculty. Its fitting usage can be as a relatively cheap and easy-to-maintain mid size screen laptop for students, watching Netflix and movies in your home. The a sus Chromebook C425 remains our Editors’ Choice because of its superior design, a brilliant 1080p-res screen and powerful overall performance.


  • Very Lengthy battery life
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Interesting chassis
  • Good connectivity


  • Display will be better
  • Average performance


Total Score 


From the funding Chromebook category, the HP Chromebook 14-db0030nr can be still a premier competition, delivering powerful specs and acceptable performance for its price tag, and also its own particular all-white enclosure is both attractive and durable.




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