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Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Review | Cooker Review

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker Review


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Eggs are among those simple, yet perplexing ingredients to learn. It is either you get it right from the beginning, or possess them horribly overcooked in merely a couple seconds.

If you have been making efforts and obtaining them raw, then the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is really worth having, since it takes the danger from managing the delicacy by automating the process as far as you can. Additionally, it provides you with the flexibility of looking out various prep designs out of salty, salty to steaming.


The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker is really a very small appliance made out of vinyl, using a design intended for the contemporary kitchen counter tops. At 6 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches thickness, it will readily fit on almost any kitchen area so that you won’t need to move some present appliances to make distance. Studying, you could take it to get a child’s toy as a result of its spherical, pot-shaped design that is split in to two.

About the lower half is a 360-watt electronically driven heating plate along with a fundamental power switch. The top portion of this Egg cooker is a clear-domed lid which allows you find the eggs since they inhale or cook. Ideally, it is a fancy kitchen gadget which gets the work done with no fuss.


To use it, just fill out the cooker’s comprised measuring cup to coordinate with the egg kind you would love to have. About the cup, you will find marked fill lines for assorted egg kinds: Hard, soft and medium, on both sides, whereas the other hand is tagged”omelette/poached” should you choose to not boil the eggs.

Subsequently, empty the water you have quantified to the gadget’s metallic heating plate and set the skillet (a plastic plate using six-egg sized holes) into place, towards the very top. It is possible to boil around six eggs which go in the tray inside their own shells underside. Additionally, there are just two other trays, such as poaching and preparing omelettes.

From the included guide, Dash urges that you simply spray on the eggs with a small number of cooking oil to prevent them from adhering to the outside, in addition to easy cleaning. Additionally, it instructs the cooker ought to be cleaned manually. Nevertheless, you are going to discover that cleaning is quite hassle-free because the cooker is really tiny.


While billed for a”Quick” egg cooker because its name states the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker requires a couple of minutes to heat components. It is isn’t so quick whatsoever. By way of instance, boiling two significant eggs with sufficient water at”moderate” consistency will need anything in 9-11 minutes, even while poaching precisely the very same eggs will need approximately 13 minutes to attain your plate. In the event you don’t that, you are going to need to do using under-cooked eggs.

Nevertheless, it’s practically twice the regular 6 min 30 seconds you would usually will need to cook exactly the very same eggs onto the stove in a kettle. In the same way, you’ll have your scrambled eggs around 1 second in the microwave, even although using a weird feel.

It’s just after you adhere to the information tucked from the Dash’s guide which you’re able to crack less cooking period together with spectacular results. The machine’s manual describes that its own formatted for big eggs with apparent cooking occasions to coincide. That usually means that extra and jumbo-sized eggs can require a bit more time to attain the desired benefits.

Because of this, moving by the guidance from the guide, two big eggs boiled for 12 minutes would be really great with well-cooked yolks up for their centres. While the exact same, big eggs boiled into moderate feel will come out completely fantastic, also. Impressive.

In both cases, the Dash Egg Cooker’s buzzer may go off a couple of minutes ahead of the eggs cook correctly, which means that you are going to need to use a timer or even babysit the cooker to realize consistent outcomes. The built in alert is loudly and you will not certainly miss it when from the kitchen.

Whether you’re have the 20 Dash Rapid Egg Cooker in your kitchen counter tops or not is based on the type of egg enthusiast you’re. Mine has no bounds, therefore any gadget which promises beautifully cooked eggs and flexibility to prepare a omelette from time to time without a lot of fuss is the ideal shoo-in, worth 20. Actually, I will not mind paying much more if it had a practical digital timer to automatic the whole procedure.

And, it does not eliminate the simple fact which you are probably able to reach the Egg Cooker’s works together with your current kitchenware you own, such as a microwave, therefore this is not among these must-have appliances. All you need to remember is get the dishes as soon as you’re done. If you would like to avert the dishes along with the unsure of ingesting under-cooked eggs, the Dash Rapid egg Cooker will be right for you — a do-it-all gizmo which gets the work done without a lot of fuss or mess.


  • Cheap Method to boil, poach and steam eggs
  • simplicity to use, clean and fits in almost any kitchen countertop
  • Appealing design for the modern kitchen


  • Calibrated to cook big eggs, buttery eggs need a custom
  • It requires just a bit longer to cooker eggs than a conventional stovetop
  • The built-in alert buzzer is loudly and not-so-accurate


Total Score 


The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker will be the ideal shoo-in if you would love to get your breakfast eggs prepared with barely nay hard work or without a lot of mess in the kitchen, even however, you may need to use another timer for the best outcomes.



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