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AOC C24G1 Monitor Review

AOC C24G1 Monitor Review


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The AOC C24G1 can be really actually just a 24-inch gaming monitor designed for gamers that need a reactive gaming headset without compromising a lot on display quality. Just as the Samsung CFG70 we analyzed at ancient 2018, this weapon employs Vertical Alignment (VA) technology to deliver the very best of both worlds — superb contrast ratio, fantastic display quality and speedy response time — but with some limits.


Even the AOC C24G1 features a 1800R curvature, along with a threesided borderless design that appears amazing in your own desk, notably the thin bezels. It seems like this bigger 27-inch AOC C27G1 and certainly can need the exact identical quantity of space in your desk.

It’s supported by means of a triangular rack which increases the display from 130mm and -4° to 21.5° of tilt and also 3-4 ° of swivel alterations. Additionally, it offers up VESA mounting onto a rack or wall socket, in regards with 100 x 100mm VESA mounting holes.

On appearances, the circumstance is black and crimson, with a comfortable competitive gamer aesthetic — something many gamers will love since they’re buying some thing for drama, also it takes to get the appearances.

Even the OSD controller buttons could be retrieved via the lower-right border, where you are able to correct the panel response time, choose along with profile and then also empower AOC’s Bright Frame Feature, by that you may manually correct the brightness and contrast ratio one of additional settings.

Connectivity includes a VGA port, Display Port 1.2 along with also two HDMI 1.4 ports. It lacks a USB hub and speakers, but in case you’d like to truly possess your music via the monitor, then you certainly can certainly do it through your headset to its 3.5millimeter jack.


The monitor utilizes a rounded Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) VA panel, and using a thrilling 3,848:1 contrast ratio along with 1ms refresh speed. The AOC C24G1 achieves nearperfect accuracy on sRGB style, with a 95.8percent sRGB gamut policy, that will be fairly striking.

With thisparticular, the AOC fits the Samsung CFG70 that accomplishes 99.6percent sRGB color gamut policy. But, both panels look washed out compared to class-leading IPS panels just such as the Acer XF270HUA, however for its price it’s nevertheless a fantastic thing. There are still a couple differences between the AOC and also Samsung monitor: whereas the C24G1 becomes perfect comparison ratio, the CFG70 gets approximately 2,501:1, still a fantastic value in comparison to IPS panels which fight to reach half that amount.


You are purchasing a gaming monitor, and its own performance is quite a mixed bag. If you should be a pro-gamer, then you are going to want to place the monitor’s response time and energy for you to enhance style, that could lower the visuals which makes you to select all details.

select finer details, so we’d recommend putting the answer time and energy for you to Powerful, even though it may be somewhat lethargic during extreme gaming.

Modern triple a names such as counter strike: world wide Offensive will load somewhat slowly, but it has the exact identical experience you obtain using the Samsung CFG70, meaning both the monitors are not fitted to competitive gaming beyond the speediest setting, as well as the AOC being super dim, it is not the smartest choice for the majority of pro-gamers.

On the other hand, regardless of the overdrive setting you pick, there are no indicators of reverse osmosis or excess effect on the input signal lag. The monitor’s 144Hz along with 1ms response speed make for butter-smooth gaming, as well as AMD’s Free Sync technology built, you are going to like tear-free gaming using harmonious AMD graphics card.

If you should be working with a PC using an Nvidia graphics card, then you will need to utilize v sync to expel ripping. But, I’ll not forfeit the panel responsiveness to get a greater visual experience, since v sync adds a lot of input lag. Still, you’re going to have the capacity to conduct the monitor at Full HD in 144Hz.

Even the AOC C24G1 can be actually really just a excellent gaming monitor with a whole great deal going for this: a speedy 144Hz panel, 1ms brand new speed, fantastic contrast ratio exemplary colour reproduction and amazing bezel-less design. But, its summit brightness isn’t the best round, specially when comparing to this Samsung CFG70, that divides it at most response-time manner. Still, for that price tag, this is ideal mid gaming monitor you are searching for.


  • 144Hz AMD Free Sync
  • Stunning comparison
  • Strong modification alternatives


  • Poor color precision
  • Bad uniformity
  • No speakers or USB


Total Score 


Even the AOC C24G1 can be actually really just a superb gaming monitor which includes a whole great deal going for this: a speedy 144Hz panel, 1ms brand new speed, fantastic contrast ratio exemplary colour reproduction and great bezeless design.



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