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Alienware AW3420DW Review

Alienware AW3420DW Review


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Even the 34-inch Alienware AW3420DW is sufficient proof that ultra-wide monitors are now going mainstream. Built on the results of its predecessor, the Alienware AW3418DW in this past 12 months, this brand fresh gaming monitor at virtually all facets. It keeps exactly the 34-inch display dimensions, and has an improved 21:9 aspect-ratio and also the 3,440 x 1,440 resolution allow it to be more exciting. Compared to this, it includes attractive RGB light and convenient menus you’ll discover interesting to use.


In the past couple of decades, Alienware has revived its own gaming designs, and also the AW3420DW sports that the provider’s brand new Legend design, like the flagship Alienware Area-51m along with 15-M laptops, and also exactly the exact same decorative language can be entirely on the top Aurora R-9 desktopcomputer.

The back of the monitor stand can be a master piece of design, including an oval-shaped RGB lighting ring emphasized using an RGB head piled to the trunk of this display. As you can not really warrant the notion of placing light impacts on the rear part of a monitor, maybe not you’ll be considering it on an everyday basis, however it will not exude a few rich light impacts onto the wall supporting.

On the ideal side of this monitor is where you will find all of the buttons. You’ve got a very small stick which enables you to start the settings menu, so in addition, there are three buttons round the rear which you may use to gain get into to any quick settings or browse the menu. Additionally, you may get a grip on the RGB light through the Alienware controlcenter program, available once you join the monitor to a PC via USB.


All ports are safeguarded by means of a light protector which easily slips in and out in place. Here you discover power, HDMI and also DisplayPort on the side of this rack, and also the other hand carries two usb a ports, along side a distinctive USB interface to attach the monitor to a PC for light controller. It’s precisely exactly the same interface that makes it possible for the remaining USB ports on the monitor.

There are other ports on the base of the monitor, for example quick-access usb a ports and a headset jack. This little distance is ventilated also, which makes it super simple to plug in a peripheral , even at a darkened room. You’ll love the countless USB ports , however they can not function up to to meet all of your requirements.

Yet, to get a pricey monitor since this, being restricted by a set of 2 display inputs can be somewhat underwhelming. We expected a 2nd DisplayPort at least, and on top of that, a USB C connection interface.


First things first, the Alienware AW3420DW appears slick, which can not be contested. Irrespective of what material you’re going to be seeing on the monitor, can it be described as considered a job spreadsheet or perhaps even the most recent match, this monitor only exudes category.

Playing Resident Evil two movie is exciting, since the monitor leaves zombies — that the slow, shambling, groaning type — fantastic . You’re readily immersed from the shuffling lumps of meat battering down, and also the fall through cracked windows and lunge from the shadows will be attracted on by life than previously. And within a game that is undoubtedly opposite concerning tone and color feeling, Scavenger looks great, together with its gloomy fluid and them movement. In other words, regardless of what game you throw in the monitor, it seems to be fantastic.

Even the remarkable gaming performance isn’t just as a result of 120Hz refresh speed, however it’s been pushed right down into just 2ms, meaning the very rapid on the web games, you wont be repaid by a fair monitor. Here, you’ve got exceptional display quality and speedy performance — whatever you need to bargain with is really just a high pricetag.


Along with the gaming art, the Alienware AW3420DW can be really actually just a G Sync panel, making a great deal of feel at this a high definition. In a few games such as Metro Exodus, you are going to be making your way around 50 fps, however as a result of G Sync, every thing seems just as if you are playing with the native frame speed. G Sync, for so long as you’ve got a harmonious Nvidia graphics card, would be like cheating and that is exactly how all of us think it’s great.

If not gaming, this monitor will permit you to do a while with the medial side. Using an ultra-wide resolution, you are in a position to start out 2 browser windows sidebyside without having to alt tab in your own PC. You truly save time, also in this time we readily suggest an ultra-wide monitor to anybody who regularly has lots of effort that should be done in their own PC.

All in all, the AW3420DW can be just actually really a superior ultra-wide monitor that is super-powerful, produces exceptional display quality even though the absurd price locks out many users buying a strict budget. Less expensive 34-inch alternatives incorporate the LG 34GL750-B and the a sus ROG Swift PG348Q, convinced, you are going to spend less nevertheless, you also lose on the highresolution and short response speed — with alternatives. Consequently, if you’d like the finest of their very best and do not value price, Alienware AW3420DW creates a persuasive announcement for it self.

Final : 

If you on the lookout to get a high-refresh-rate, huge-format gaming monitor that remains glowing, and it has stunning picture quality, we still recommend choosing the Alienware AW3420DW together among the biggest and baddest of the 34-inch gaming facilities available on the market.


  • Superb picture quality
  • Low reaction timing (2ms)
  • Incredible Ultra-wide design


  • Wildly expensive
  • Needs more ports


Total Score 


Our inspection monitor, the Alienware AW3420DW straddles line between highend gaming and superb design to create superb gaming performance into the family area.



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