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Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-52-710B Review

Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-52-710B Review


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Even the Acer Predator Helios 300 has already been on the list of very best gaming laptops available, however the newer version makes matters much better. In reality, the brand newest Helios PH315-52-710B could just be one of the most advanced Predator notebook thus far, a really wellrounded gaming notebook that boasts features and hardware which may probably likely soon be topping the leader board for a lengthy moment.

In a few ways, the brand newest Helios 300 is very like its 20-19 predecessor. But, in addition, it contains a few upgrades however, it will not draw in an amount rise like many manufacturers would do once they add new components. 1 significant upgrade this is actually that your Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics indoors, which undoubtedly gives this version more utter power within its GTX 10 60 predecessor.


On appearances, we can not find any error at the Acer PH315-52-710B’s design. But looking your rivalry inside the gaming marketplace, it’s not anything great and stands outside, however it’s not poor . It can cut off on out a gamer decorative with a metallic staircase at a gun metal finish, dark color with blue accents, and geometric cuts in addition to tapered borders. The best cover features a silver Predator logo, whereas the underside vinyl has 2, EasyAccess compartments to the drive and the RAM, that you’ll be able to upgrade.

Port selection with this notebook is very good, too. Along with this single USB 2.0 interface, you’ll find 3 other USB 3.1 interfaces (one using power-off charging), one USB 3.1 (TypeC ) interface, an HDMI port and A-mini Display Port 1.4 for linking external displays. Other people incorporate an Ethernet jack as well as an SD card reader, which includes handy in case you’re going to use this notebook for amateur photographs.



The display would perform with 1-inch bezels. Besides this, you’ll pretty adore the 1080p display that boasts truetolife colour reproduction, together with solid blues and magenta colors which you’ll enjoy more compared to warmer tones when gaming and watching movies. It features a 144Hz refresh speed, that isn’t typical in funding gaming laptops. This is an outstanding upgrade within the 20 17 version, since it attempts to minimize blur and also compensate for lost frames.

At top bezel, there exists a 720p resolution camera that is clearly grainy; however adequate in making video calls and conventions. However, the downside, the collection of speakers used here can be underwhelming.


The computer keyboard with this particular gaming notebook is quite likeable. Along with being comfortable — speaking, it’s good rebound, proper travel and also a matte texture to maintain your hands out of slipping; it is accurate and responsive. It chooses by the overall design, skimping on incredible characteristics that stick out and provide it a gaming advantage.

To the basic principles, the big event shortcut keys manage things including turning the touch pad on and off, so selecting display options and adjusting volume — and on top of that, the WASD keys have been emphasized. In general it really is really as effective and operational since most of keyboards ought to really be. The sole criticism is the fact the base keys are somewhat taller than some many the others.


The Helios 300 PH315-52-710B assesses each of the boxes to the basic essentials you might anticipate from the gaming notebook. If not gaming, its own specs suffice for growth activities such as media production and video editing. It matches Intel’s 9th-generation Core i7-9750H chip, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti along with 16GB of memory (in 2666Mhz rates ) along with 512GB SSD storage. This specs sheet is what you’d expect for this price range; nothing more special and that is where the charm is different. It will not always have unnecessary improvement, pristine performance bliss in a real price.

The Acer Predator’s key component is that the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (together with 6GB RAM). This really is only one among NVidia’s newer and semi automatic processors, plus it marks a movement between this past season’s 10-series GPUs and also the newer flagship R TX 20-branded cards. Its half way placement means that the GTX 1660 Ti can be a more resource that is curious. It packs the exact Turing structure as the organization’s latest GPUs, however it will not consist of things like RT and Tensor cores.


In real-world gaming, the Helios 300 shows great speed. This Acer can play some one of the top single-player games in 1080p — plus it surely is going to get it done with greater rate and also to get more in the long run. Nevertheless, the roughest single-player names wont run at outside 100 fps, if you don’t tone the graphics settings. Once more, you wont acquire Ray tracing, however it’s enough capacity to handle outputting into VR cans at 1080p resolution.

Still, it plays modern triple-a matches in over 60fps, which is exactly what you are undoubtedly on the lookout for in this price. Even the 2018 Edition of counterstrike: world wide Offensive, for example, plays 158 framework speeds at the intense Ultra pre set. To validate that the GTX 1660 Ti’s fix, additional names place a powerful showing with impressive framerates ( such as: Fortnite (128 fps), and League of Legends (171 fps), all played 1080p and optimum thickness settings.


Battery life isn’t ever a forte for gaming notebook, also we all do not believe is becoming much better so on. The Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-52-710B continues approximately 5 hours 13 minutes after streaming movies and hearing music, but battery life drain turns into a real possibility on actual game play. Perhaps not surprising, though.

On those roads of present day PC gaming, we’ve seen pricey gaming laptops just such as the Asus ROG Zephyrus S continue a bit more than two hours awarded that their processing capacity using beefier GPUs along with highres screen sucking the ability.

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The brand newest Acer Predator Helios 300 is absolutely among the strongest gaming laptops in the budget range. Yesthere are a couple noticeable signs where Acer did cut corners, especially the speakers which can be invisibly along with the dual-fan cooling that really does little to decrease heat unless switched into the maximal. Yet, in spite of those pesky flaws, they’re perhaps not complete dealbreakers — only choose fantastic set of headphones if playing streaming and music videos, even such as gaming that the speakers are completely fine.


  • a Lot of gaming electricity
  • Good cost
  • 144Hz refresh speed
  • Adequate battery life


  • Lack Luster noise
  • Loud fans


Total Score 


Our inspection unit, the Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-52-710B is just one of the ideal budget gaming laptops it’s possible to purchase. It’s officially the very striking budget gaming notebook which we’ve reviewed so far, outclassing most competitions by trouncing them into performance, design and design.



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