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Acer EB321HQU Awidpx Review

Acer EB321HQU Awidpx Review


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A lot of people still work with a 1080p monitor, also there is definitely nothing regarding this. However, given that the price ranges of 1440p and 4K are somewhat closer to cheap, it’s recommendable than to catch a few additional pixels.

We checked the Acer EB321HQU Awidpx to determine whether it matches the threshold to get a sound, entrylevel WQHD monitor. Out the high-resolution, this 32-inch monitor additionally features a few fantastic benefits as an IPS panel using multiple connectivity options and powerful connectivity choices.

Even the EB321HQU isn’t the flashiest monitor we’ve examined — but in it’s price it can supplies 1440p on a funding. Does sound like a bargain?



Thinning display bezels has assured that monitor design come with minimalist appearances, also EB321HQU isn’t any exception. It employs the exact elegant design whilst the Acer EB321HQ Awi, dressed up in a silver cabinet with a dark cut over the bezels. Even the 15.2-pound cabinet is encouraged with a silver trapezoid-shaped base providing you with -5/15 degrees of tilt, but lacks height, swivel and pivot adjustability.

Even the 32-inch IPS panel includes a maximum resolution of 2,560 from 1,440 and works on the nonreflective coating to decrease glare and eye strain. There is an OD (Overdrive) setting to the reply time from the onscreen Display (OSD) menu, however, abandoned ‘Standard’ style is just nice. All of five function buttons are situated in the lower-right border of this cabinet. They supply access, and allow you to browse the preferences menus for several photo alterations.

Connectivity comes using DL-DVI-D, an HDMI, also a DisplayPort, plus a headset jack, on the left, whereas the ability jack is on the left side. A part of the package can be a Screen Port cable, however it also lacks USB ports, that will be quite common at the pricepoint.


Acer presents strong performance in a monitor it will not cost a lot better. It exhibits exemplary highlights and shadow detail, even with all colors seeming affluent against the panel dark elephants. Just like with almost any fantastic IPS panel, seeing angles are all wide, and absolutely totally free from any noticeable color changing. The panel’s 4-millisecond (gray-to-gray) answer does a pretty great job preventing motion-blur in modern games such as Grand Theft Auto V, however it will not eradicate it completely.

Input lag (the time it requires to your monitor to answer a control command) was minimal in 9.9 milliseconds. Within this category, the Benq SW2700PT and the Benq XL2430T remain the speediest monitors we’ve reviewed (9.5 milliseconds). It absorbs 3-4 levels of power in normal manner, and 26 watts when put in ECO style. It really is significantly more effective that the Acer Predator XB271HK gambling monitor and also Benq SW2700PT (52 g and 43 volt, respectively).

If you are trying to find a fantastic widescreen monitor for any office, then that one looks lie a fantastic candidate. It’s indigenous 1440p support, which means that you may too use it with the x box One S and x box One X. But it lacks AMD Free Sync service and HDR, meaning it wont be perfect for x box One. Pictures and some games which do not encourage HDR look vibrant, however you’d instantly see a distinction between having HDR and perhaps maybe never needing it. If you should be buying it for gambling, you are better off using choices such as the Sceptre C328B-144KN and AOC C32G1, at precisely exactly the exact same pricepoint.


Even the Acer EB321HQU Awidpx can be actually really just a gorgeous, multimedia display using lots of advantages including brilliant colours, crisp picture and amazing general design. But, its unhappy by deficiency of HDR support which a lot of competitors are offering, albeit at lesser 1080p resolutions.

Can there be a much superior alternative?

The Acer EB321HQU undercuts the Purchase Price of top-tier 32-inch shows such as the Samsung LS32D85KTSR/ZA and also the Pixio PX329. On the flip side, it’s a whole lot pricier compared to the Dell S3219D using AMD Free Sync. In the event the additional support for AMD Free Sync arouses, the S3219D can be actually really just a excellent option.

On the flip side, the BenQ EW3270U can be actually really just a gorgeous 4K HDR monitor with AMD Free Sync plus an superb DCI P3 95% Colour Gamut in addition to being a height adjustable stand. That is a significant kill to get a couple dollars more. Its versatile design produces a fantastic office or gambling monitor.

Can I buy it?

No. You will find more economical 4K monitors available (just such as the BenQ EW3270U) advocated previously, in addition to ones with improved image quality and HDR support.


  • the Best Value for your cost
  • Vibrant colors
  • Wide 32-inch 1440p display
  • Quick 4ms response time


  • Lacks AMD Free Sync
  • Tilt-only design


Total Score 


The Acer EB321HQU Awidpx can be actually really just a gorgeous, multimedia display using lots of advantages including brilliant colours, crisp picture and amazing general design.



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