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Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731-C118 Review

Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731-C118 Review


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After called basic, cheap alternatives to Windows notebooks, Chromebooks have included new features through the past few years to stronger laptops, using some crossing the 500 price markers. Still, we’ve got the candy cheap Chromebooks which you’re able to purchase on a shoe string budget. The Acer Chromebook 11 N7 C731-C118 can be really just actually a fantastic example. Even the Chromebook 1-1, nevertheless, feels and looks as a common Chromebook.
Our inspection unit is actually a rugged, yet simple ChromeOS laptop with fantastic battery life and also a spill-resistant computer keyboard which could stand the sporadic drives and falls at the class room. It’s the ideal candidate for people who are searching for a robust, mobile, and also very inexpensive notebook for faculty, surfing the web and checking mail.


The Acer Chromebook 1-1 N7 is mobile enough for everyday life, measuring 0.87 by 11.72 by 8.27 inches (HWD) and weighing just under 3 lbs. This size is more average compared to additional funding Chromebooks, which makes it light and small enough for students to slide into a backpack. Compared: the a sus Chromebook Flip is thinner and lighter, measuring 0.53 from 11.96 by 8.26 inches and 2.4 lbs, whereas the Windows-based a sus VivoBook L203MA comes with an equally modest footprint in just 0.8 by 11.7 by 8.3 inches, however marginally heftier at 2.9 lbs.
The monitor can ready to accept a max of 180 degrees, which means that you are able to put it flat on a desk or desk, just it will not have yourself a 360-hinge just such as the Lenovo Flex 1 1 that will reverse all of the way. Still, the 1,366-by-768 display adequate picture, however, less powerful as that which you purchase out of IPS 1080p panels readily available on rival Chromebooks.
Being fully a cheap laptop, that you never get much concerning connectivity. What’s curved to some USB 3.0 jack, an HDMI interface, an SDXC card slot and a typical 3.5millimeter audio jack, on the left border. The ideal side has the following USB 3.0 interface, a Kensington lock slot and a charging interface. It will not have yourself a USB C interface which we’ve seen needs to pop up Chromebooks, just such as the Asus Chromebook Flip which features two.


About the Chromebook 1-1, you’ve got Windows computer keyboard having a normal Chromebook design, meaning it’s a sizable Ctrl and Alt keys (as it generally does not always have a Windows or Control key) and also a Lookup keyword rather than the typical caps-lock. At top, you’ve got short cut keys for rear, forward, and refresh works. The computer keyboard includes scissor-switch keys together with 1.44 mm of traveling and a matte finish which translates in to an adequate grip for the hands and also a comfortable listening experience.
Beneath the keyboard there’s really just a buttonless touchpad which delivers both two-finger scrolling and also three-finger navigation, so which enables you to swipe tapping. Both finger-tap registers as the click.


The Acer C731-C118 comes with a 1.60GHz Intel Celeron N3060 dualcore processor with integral Intel HD Graphics 400, 4GB of RAM along with 32GB eMMC display storage. That really is adequate power for routine web browsing and basic school work, but do not anticipate that laptop to conduct power-intensive tasks. As an example, you obtain some good stuttering once you start multiple browser tabs, especially if hearing music Google Play. Our Editors’ Choice for funding Chromebooks, the ASUS Chromebook C425 because of the additional cost, features the Full-hd display, an aluminum chassis and a quicker Intel Core M 3 processor.
Like Chromebooks published in the last couple of decades, Google offers access to more than two million Android programs via the Google Play Store, and that counts for a lot, along with its prevailing Chrome Web Shop programs. Even the 32GB of all Flash storage isn’t far, specially as you are right down to 25GB of free outside of this box, however in addition, you secure 100GB of Google-Drive storage free for a couple of decades. Battery life is more amazing, lasting more than 1-2 hours minutes onto a single bill, enough to endure the complete day plus a little more.


  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Very Lengthy battery lifetime
  • Military-grade rocky exterior
  • Water-resistant


  • Maybe not quite strong
  • Terrible speakers


Total Score 


For school pupils, there is alot to enjoy with Acer Chromebook 1-1 N7, for example a lasting build, comfy computer keyboard and a battery life which lasts you throughout the day long in school, but have more for your day. It lacks luxury features such as a back lit computer keyboard and 360degree hinge, nevertheless, you are spending as much and still obtain yourself a fantastic system.



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